La Denostada (Garnacha) 2013


This product reflects our commitment to the care of the best raw material grown in selected vineyards in the valleys of Quiroga and San Clodio.

The unit price is shown per bottle.
It is sold in boxes of 6 bottles.

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Tasting notes:


Visual: A picota cherry color with schemes that bring us to mind ruby and with a medium/high color intensity.
Olfactory: Very expresive wine with a right aromatic intensity and aromas that bring us to mind flowers (violets), honey and raisin black fruits (plum and grape) over daintly toasted base.
Palate: Once tasted, it is fresh and pleasant. In its way along the mouth it is fleshy and greedy. With good body and structure, it has the right acidity, Although its tannin is noticiable, it is tasty. The aftertaste is appetising brinnging us to mind candied black fruit.
Serving suggestion: Serving temperatura: 14-18ºC, Oxygenation at least 5 minutes before serving..
Gastronomy/Wine-Pairing: Ideal with White and red meats, stews, “cocido gallego”, barbecued steak, small game, greasy fish, rice, seasoned pasta, matured and semi-matured cheese.


Bruno Lovelle, Sumiller.


Wine technical sheet


Sort of  Wine: Crianza Red Wine.
Vintage Year: 2013
Varieties: 100% Garnacha.
Production: 5.333 burgundy type bottles of 75 cl and 100 Magnum burgundy type bottles.
Viticulture: Based on the selection in the vineyard  of the best grapes among the diversity of the ones available and the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.
Wine Harvest: Manual labour using 18 kg boxes.
Wine Harvest date: 10th and 11th October 2013.
Vinification: Fermentation at 28-30ºC, subsequent malolactic fermentation in oak barrels and al least 15 moths of barrel term. Then racking and 8 months of tank term. After that, botting without clarification or filtering. Once bottled the wine remains for 3 months in the cellar before launching onto the markete.
Barrels:  French and central european oak.
Barrel term:  Fiveteen months.
Bottling: 1th  September 2015.
Consultor enológico: Luis Buitrón Barrios.


Varieties: 100% Garnacha.
Region: South of Lugo.
Smallholdings: The grapes come from selected vineyards in high zone of Quiroga-San Clodio Valley.
Soil: Three families: Quaternary solis, solis on resrvoir from the Tertiary Age and soils of alluvial valley from the Quaternary Age originated in Paleozoic series.
Orography: Wedged valley that is crossed E-W by the Sil River and NE-SW by the Quiroga Riber, which dertermines its shape and its hillsides position.
Smallholdings Altitude: 600 meters.
Age of vine: 50 to 100 years.
Field density: 2.500 vines/Ha.


Climate: Because of the fairly limited yearly raifall, over 800-850 mm, and the great weather variations from December to July, this region is classified as one of the driest and hottest Galician regions. Its Northern and Western mountains block the cossing of the Atlantic depressions, but do not block warm air coming through the Sil Valley, creating a unique microclimate.
Precipitation 2013 (nov. 2012/oct. 2013): xxxx L/m2.
Average temperature 2013 (nov. 2012/oct. 2013): xxxx ºC.
Hours of sushine (nov. 2014/oct. 2013): xxxx h/year.

Chemical Analysis

VAD. Volumetric alcoholic degree (%vol.): 13,50
TA. Total acidity (g/l) in tartaric acid: 5,30
VA. Volatile acidity (g/l) in acetid acid: 0,68
pH meter: 3,50
Glucose + fructose (g/l): 0
Free SO2. Free sulphur dioxide (mg/l): 25
Total SO2. Total sulphur dioxide (mg/l): 70
Residual Sugar (g/l): 1,2
Malic acid (g/l): 0